Client Information

Mandarin Food BankThe volunteers of the Mandarin Food Bank are pleased to be here to serve you. We pledge to respect your dignity and your privacy. Our food bank is a ministry, not an agency. We do not ask you to document your financial situation. All we ask is that you bring proof of your family size and proof that you live in our Mandarin area.

The Mandarin Food Bank is not meant to be your sole source of food. We supplement other sources available to you, including food stamps.

Proof of Address:
We serve zip codes 32217, 32223, 32256, 32257, 32258, and 32259.  Please bring, on every visit, a photo ID and a recently-received piece of mail addressed to you or someone in your household. If you get your mail at a post office, please bring your JEA bill which shows your address. If you do not live in our service area, we will give you food once and help you find a food bank closer to your home.

Family Size:
The first or second time you come in, please bring some form of identification for all members of your household. The ID can be a picture ID, social security card, birth certificate, passport, school or work ID, or an insurance card.

Frequency of Visits:
We try to give you enough food to last one week.
As a new client, you can return to us when your food runs out for the next four visits. We ask that you wait at least one week between visits, if possible.
After that, we ask that you only visit us once every two months.